Jared Leto And His Beloved Fanny Pack Read the Paper in NYC

Jared Leto's Junk
Jared Leto grabs a handful of crotch!
Guess who was spotted out and about again wearing his go-to red fanny pack?


The singer’s affection for the 80s style continued on Wednesday when he was seen strolling the streets of New York City wearing a black-on-black outfit, which only helped bring attention to the main attraction of his look: the now famous red and blue fanny.

Leto and the fanny pack have become almost synonymous with one another as the 30 Seconds to Mars singer has seldom been spotted in public without the accessory wrapped around his waist over the last few months.  As a result, Jared and Fanny have turned into one of the internet’s most valued love affairs.

So in honor of this beautiful sighting, take a look through the gallery above for more photos of the dynamic duo.

PS: This would make a great Halloween costume… Just sayin’!