Lena Dunham Goes Topless to Encourage You to Vote

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Leave it to Lena Dunham to get jaws to drop in an effort to promote social justice.

The Girls actress took to Instagram to share a myriad of celebrity photos all wearing a t-shirt that states: “Lena (Heart) Planned Parenthood,” a project she launched with Planned Parenthood’s Women Are Watching campaign, which urges young women to vote in the upcoming midterm elections

But it wasn’t the impressive amount of celebs Dunham enlisted to help sponsor the campaign that’s got everyone’s attention right now…

Final one…

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Rather, Dunham’s topless selfie has become the biggest talking point.  The actress bared her logo on a bare chest with the letters placed ever-so-carefully over her lady parts.

Of course this isn’t Dunham’s first time doing something scandalous in order to promote equality and justice.  The actress has gone nude several times on her show to promote women and their rights.

These dream women stand for equality and justice. And they encourage you to vote November 4th.

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Other celebs who have joined forces with Dunham in the fight for women’s rights include Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling and Ellen Page.