Lindsay Lohan Being Sued For Stealing Fashion App

Lilo's Ongoing Legal Saga
Lindsay Lohan faces charges of lying to California cops.
Lindsay Lohan is an actress, a model and a Broadway star… But she can’t consider herself an entrepreneur quite yet, considering she’s allegedly stolen one of her biggest ideas from somebody else.

The Mean Girls actress is currently being sued by an old business partner for reportedly stealing his million-dollar idea and taking it to someone else.

According to Fima Potik and his lawsuit, Lohan and her brother Michael Lohan Jr. agreed to work with him on Spotted Friend, a website dedicated to giving people the chance to look into and shop celebrities’ and friends’ “virtual closets.”

However, Potik says LiLo and her brother wanted a bigger cut of the company so they backed out and took his idea to another investor, reports TMZ.

The new app they created is called Vigme, which Potik describes as an exact carbon copy of Spotted Friend. Now he’s suing the siblings for $60 million and to get the app quickly shut down.