That Time Kanye West Stopped His Car to Take a Photo of Someone’s Sweater

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Justin Bieber may tell his chauffeur to pull over to get some chick’s phone number, but Kanye West is willing to do it  in order to get a closer look at someone’s pullover.

While riding in a cab in New York City this week, the rapper asked his driver to stop so he could pop open the back door to take a picture of a supposedly sweet ass sweater worn by a paparazzo that was chasing him down for a photo. After snapping a few shots of the space-themed D9 Reserve sweater, West shook his model’s hand before going on his way.

kanye west iphone paparazzi sweater cab
Kanye West stops his cab to take a photo of a paparazzo’s sweater in New York City on October 29, 2014. [Splash News Online]

Hmm, Kanye smiling? Kanye actually being nice to the paparazzi? Hath hell frozen over?!

Either way, no we know that Yeezy is totally down to break for clothes.