Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals Hilarious Past Halloween Costumes on ‘Conan’

Jake & Rachel
The co-stars recently had a dinner date in Pittsburgh.
Jake Gyllenhaal had some hilarious Halloween costumes growing up!

The actor is currently promoting his new movie, Nightcrawler, and he stopped by Conan to talk about the film. Since it’s Halloween, Gyllenhaal and host Conan O’Brien talked about costumes. Want to hear what Gyllenhaal had to say? Check out the video!

When Gyllenhaal was younger, his dad used to design some hilarious Halloween costumes for him. Gyllenhaal ended up going as a house one year! Yes, you read that right!

You have to watch this video to hear the actor talk about his other past Halloween costumes! Then, after you check out the video, let us know your thoughts!

Did this video make you laugh? What are some of your most memorable Halloween costumes? Sound off in the comments!