Watch: Leighton Meester Debuts ‘Heartstrings’ Music Video

Leighton: 10 Things
Bet you didn't know these 10 things about Leighton Meester.
Leighton Meester’s new music video is here!

The 28-year-old singer and actress just premiered her new video for her song, “Heartstrings.” Meester just released new music, and now she’s giving fans a video! Check it out and let us know what you think!

This song has a lot of powerful lyrics, it sounds as if one of Meester’s ex-boyfriends took her for granted. Some of the lyrics to the song include:

“Doing fine all on my own.
Cause I know now this was right for me.
Now you’re feeling all alone.
I bet you’re sorry now but thats what you wanted.
You took me for granted all the time.”

Yikes! Luckily, she’s now married to Adam Brody, and she seems very happy! The couple was just spotted together yesterday, grabbing lunch with family. We love these two!

Take a look at Meester’s “Heartstrings” video above! After you watch the video, let us know what you think! Are you a fan of this song? Do you like the music video? Sound off in the comments!