Amanda Bynes Makes It Rain in Hollywood Hotel Lobby

Amanda Bynes Getting Help
She's 'disconnected from reality', parents are 'happy she's safe'
If Amanda Bynes wants to prove that she is totally fine and has complete control over her finances, making it rain in a hotel lobby probably isn’t her best bet.

The 28-year-old actress was spotted wandering the Sunset Strip on Thursday night in Los Angeles after being released early from her psychiatric hold, looking for a hotel that would grant her a room.

However, after one hotel refused, things got a little out of hand…

Sources tell TMZ Bynes attempted to purchase a room at the London Hotel, and when she was turned away, she became angry, grabbed a wad of cash and tossed the bills into the air at the hotel’s front desk–an obvious point that she’s been trying to make a lot lately: she is a millionaire and can do all of this on her own.

Unfortauntely for Bynes, I don’t think that’s the case–as proven by her bizarre behavior within the last 24 hours of her release.

Luckily, as we reported earlier, Bynes’ parents have gained conservatoriship over the actress’ finances, which might be the only stability she has in her life right now.

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