EXCLUSIVE: ‘Entourage’ Actress Emmanuelle Chiriqui Talks Sloan’s Style and Dressing With Confidence

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Emmanuelle Chiriqui became a total Hollywood bombshell thanks to her role as Sloan on TV’s hit series EntourageI mean, every guy I know has had a crush on her at one point!

So how does someone who’s held to such a high standard stay up to par with her fashion choices, getting ready for events and feeling sexy both in and out of character?

Well, I had the awesome opportunity of interviewing the 36-year-old actress–who’s currently working with Marshalls to help women become more confident in all aspects of their lives–and she politely reminded me that the industry is “all smoke and mirrors.”  Above all else her go-to rule is feeling her best!

Celebuzz: You have been pinned as one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood—Do you see yourself as a bombshell? How does that affect what you choose to wear at big events?

Emmanuelle Chiriqui: It’s definitely flattering to be perceived that way, but I think it’s really important to remember that Hollywood is often all smoke and mirrors, so that’s not something I spend too much time thinking about. I try to focus on my work, as well as looking – and above all feeling – my best. When it comes to big events, ultimately I’m going to feel my most confident when I’m taking risks and wearing something unique at events, especially when it comes to accessories like a chic pair of designer shoes.

CB: In Entourage Sloan is known for being super sexy and confident—How do you get in the zone for that persona? How does what you wear affect that?

EC: When I’m getting in the zone for a part I’m playing, I look for fashion that not only looks and feels good, but also fits well and makes me feel confident. These black designer boots with gold zipper detail that I snagged at Marshalls recently made me feel stronger and more assertive the second I put them on! What you’re wearing really provides you with an instant pick-me-up and can totally make the difference on set or at any audition.

CB: What are Sloan’s go-to style choices and how does that differ from YOUR go-to style choices?

EC: My character on Entourage wears more dresses than I do in real life. I always have a couple of staples in my closet that I can put together to assemble the perfect outfit no matter where I’m going or what the occasion is. For Sloan, it’s a cropped black blazer and a simple V-neck cashmere sweater. For me, I lean toward a far more casual, tomboy-style look than Sloan – ripped jeans, boots, and t-shirt.

CB: What’s been your absolute favorite red carpet style?

EC: At an HBO party a couple of years back I wore a white Gustavo Cadile gown – I felt like a brunette Veronica Lake, with hair swept to the side…it felt very old Hollywood and very glamorous, and was definitely one of my favorite red carpet events.

CB: Your least favorite?

EC: In my earlier days in LA, one of the first red carpets I ever did, I wore yellow pants and a black shirt. At the time I thought it was so chic and cool…but it turned out the black shirt was completely see through. That’s an example of a risk that DIDN’T pay off!

CB: What do you look for when dressing for your body specifically?

EC: When dressing, I look for something that looks great, that I’m excited to put on, and most importantly is very comfortable. To me confidence and comfort go hand-in-hand, because ultimately, you should be wearing the outfit – not the other way around.

CB: What’s your go-to, day-to-day style when you’re NOT all done up and heading to an event?

EC: I’m a very casual person. Off-duty, my personal uniform is some combination of jeans, a tailored blazer, a t-shirt and boots. Stores like Marshalls are great because you can stock up on these quality staples that will make you look and feel your best and you won’t break the bank!

CB: Which celebrity’s style do you absolutely adore and why?

EC: Kate Moss! She takes risks yet always manages to look chic and effortless.

CB: Who’s your favorite designer?

EC: My favorite designers include Balmain, Rag & Bone, Yigal Azrouel, Helmut Lang, and Alexander Wang.

And there you have it! Chiriqui’s tips on dressing to feel your best!

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