Instant Follow Friday: Nick Jonas Feels Blessed, Loves Brunch, and Is Inspired by J. Lo’s Booty

Nick Jonas Shirtless
Nick Jonas throws punches for Details magazine
Nick Jonas' New Music
Nick Jonas releases two sexy new songs

This week’s Instant Follow Friday is dedicated to Nick Jonas because we wanted to give Nick Jonas’ adorable face some more attention, and once again pay special tribute to the Instagram post that started it all.

Yeah… that one. And the many other selfies thereafter since the purity ring came off.

It’s no question that the youngest former Jonas Brother is doing all the right things to promote his new music, from performing at gay clubs, grabbing his junk for Calvin Klein, being a shirtless stud during his day to day, and promptly keeping us up to date on his music career via social media.

Some noteworthy tidbits: Nick Jonas loves his fans and brunch, he’s having the time of his life on tour, and above all, he’s super humble about his mega-success (and sex symbol status) amongst men and women alike.

See the gallery above for Nick’s memorable and sexy Instagram posts, and scroll down for some of his best Tweets re:brunch and J. Lo’s “Booty”.

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