Depending Who You Ask, Katy Perry Either Dressed as a Cheeto or a Giant Orange Turd for Halloween

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“Flaming hot” or “flushing not”?

Katy Perry attended Kate Hudson’s Halloween party dressed as (she says) a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto chip, but some people (people who work here, maybe others) are saying she looks more like a giant orange BM than she does the spicy snack food.

Perry was one of many celebrities who attended Hudson’s party, though her costume stands out for obvious reasons, the most obvious of which is that she looks like doody. In fact, without the Cheetos purse, would anyone even second guess that assessment?

Here is a full length shot, so you can really take in the costume in all of its poo-shaped glory:

Perry posted a photo of herself in the costume to her Instagram, saying “IDFWU *drops mic*”, so… yeah… she’s dressed like literal shit, and she still ain’t f*cking with you. Evaluate your life, yo.

IDFWU *drops mic*

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What do you think of Perry’s costume? Please leave a comment below, or just deposit it directly into the toilet of your choosing.

The good news, if you can call it that, is that Britney Spears probably loves this costume.