Teresa Giudice’s 13-Year-Old Daughter Releases Risqué Music Video

Giudices, Sentenced
Teresa and Joe Giudice will do 15 and 41 months, respectively.
Despite all the drama surrounding Teresa and Joe Giudice, their daughter Gia Giudice believes the show must go on!

The 13-year-old, who is part of a girl group called 3KT A.K.A. “3 Karat Diamonds” (because, duh), has put all worries in the wind and decided to release a very risqué music video today, covering Britney Spears’ hit “Circus.”

In corsets, booty shorts and fishnet stockings, the teen puts on quite the show, gyrating along to the beat with her two bandmates Alexa Maetta, 16, and Cristianna Cardinale, 14–though all of them appear much older with their bright red lips and dark makeup.

The sexiness of the video has already sparked some controversy, many wondering why the parents’ let their daughters dress like this.

However, Maria DeSantis, owner of Xist Talent and the group’s manager, tells Page Six, “They’re fully dressed. They’ve been competition dancers since they were toddlers.  They’ve been on stage competing.”

But their outfits aren’t even the most concerning part of it all, believe it or not.

At around the 2:53 mark, “Lil Cee” raps about–what else–how rich she is! “I’ll be stackin’ my stacks while you make minimum wage.” Then adds, “Money can’t buy love, it sure makes everything better.”

Eep. You know, talking about being rich at a time when your parents filed for bankruptcy and are heading to prison for committing fraud…

Not to mention, even though she currently owes around $400K in restitution as a part of her prison sentence, reports say Teresa threw down $10K on the production.

Classy move.