PICS: And Here’s How Iggy Azalea, Heidi Klum, Rihanna and Joe Jonas Won Halloween

'Arrow' stud Colton Haynes got really, really into Halloween.
Between all the makeup, whit and the shade of it all, Hollywood really went bananas for Halloween this year and we’ve got all the best costumes in one place for your viewing pleasure.

From Rihanna as a sexy ninja turtle to Joe Jonas absolutely KILLING his version of ‘Blue Steel,’ 2014 was a very good year for anyone who enjoys playing a little dress up.

Naturally, all of the photos are available in the gallery above, which also features some of your favorites like Kylie Jenner wearing some Bride of Chucky drag, Bette Midler messing around with some Hocus Pocus and even Laverne Cox channeling an iconic Catwoman à la Eartha Kitt.

And, per usual, Heidi Klum transformed herself into an entirely different species so well that people will be talking about it until she turns into some sort of crazy faun, complete with ingrown horns, next Halloween.

The real winner of the night, though, has got to be Iggy Azalea, who used last night to poke a whole lot of fun at all that drama going on between she and Snoop Dogg.

We love that Iggy has a sense of humor and an obvious taste for dressing up in f*cking style.

Let us know who your favorite was in the comments below and go crazy scrolling through all of the pictures in the amazing gallery above!