Watch: Prince and Taylor Swift Steal Chris Rock’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Ebola-Themed Spotlight

Iggy Azalea denies lip-syncing on 'SNL'.
Chris Rock brought the funny with him to Saturday Night Live this weekend, which was impressive considering how much the discussion circled Ebola, terrorism and crazy specific political viewpoints.

As soon as he popped out for his opening monologue, Chris reminded all of us how refreshing it is to have a standup comedian host the show. There wasn’t a song and dance. There wasn’t a suit made entirely out of sequins. There was just Chris, a microphone and some surprisingly funny reflection on the Boston marathon bombing and 9/11.

Following the opening, Chris basically did what he does best…be cynical and question EVERYTHING. It even seemed like his jokes were taken straight from a standup routine, which was nice because they almost always landed. Here are a few of the best sketches of the night.

Not to be ignored, though, was the nights musical guest, Prince, who commanded that tiny stage FOR EIGHT INCREDIBLE MINUTES. It set a record for the show, but left us all wanting more as it was his only performance of the night.

And because he’s the breakout star of this season, Pete Davidson stopped by Weekend Update desk and told us all about that time he sent his Mom a dick pic.

Of course, as is typical for an episode of SNL, there were some stinkers throughout the night. Here’s our pick for the worst sketch of the night, just because of how much more cringeworthy it was than funny.

Honorable mention goes to the funniest moment of the night, which came in the form of a digital short proving that it’s impossible to not love Taylor Swift.