Watch: Kevin Spacey Does Some Killer Celebrity Impressions on ‘The Tonight Show’

Amid all of the Halloween craziness, it seems an appearance by Kevin Spacey on The Tonight Show Friday got lost in the mix. Amazingly though, he’s really, REALLY good at impersonating his fellow celebrities and the video evidence is very hard to ignore.

From Christopher Walken to President Bill Clinton and even Johnny Carson, Jimmy Fallon put Kevin through the ringer for a game of “Wheel of Impressions” and the outcome was nothing short of impressive.

Sorry Jimmy, we’ve got to give Kevin the win on this one. And we’re pretty sure Michael Caine would agree.

In case you’re wondering, the Academy Award-winner and House of Cards star was on hand to promote his appearance in the upcoming video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. You can get your hands on a copy this week, beginning Tuesday, November 4th.