Amanda Bynes Reportedly Living Off American Express Gift Cards Provided By Parents

Amanda Bynes is currently living off of American Express gift cards.

After being released from the hospital last week, many people have been worried about Bynes. Now, according to TMZ, Bynes’ parents are said to be giving her the gift cards to live off of, ranging from $50 to $100. 

Since her release from the hospital last week, Bynes has been seen around Los Angeles, eating by herself and trying to get a hotel room. She also went on a Twitter rant, which made everyone even more concerned for her.

Bynes doesn’t have access to any of her money right now, her parents do. They have control of her money because of their temporary conservatorship, so they’re giving her gift cards to live off of.

TMZ is also reporting that Bynes’ parents are “burnt out” and as a result they haven’t invited her to come back home. The site says, “At this point they feel she needs to hit rock bottom before she realizes she needs serious help.”

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