Ariana Grande Calls Cops on Present-Sending Fan, Releases ‘Love Me Harder’ Music Video

Boob Job?
Is Grande considering getting a boob job for boyfriend Big Sean?
Christmas came early this year for Ariana Grande, but apparently she is not yet in the holiday spirit.

Grande alerted police about the existence of a fan who won’t stop sending her (some very odd) gifts.

TMZ reports that a 29-year-old fan named Tim Normandin recently sent Grande the following items:

  • 42.5 pound pumpkin
  • 8 Yankee candles
  • Dog and cat calendars
  • 3-piece mirror set from Kmart
  • $200 anklet from Kay Jewelers
  • Rock from the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Some Very Important Questions:

  • Does Normandin really think Grande is a “Yankee candle” kind of girl?
  • Does Normandin really think Grande is a “Kay Jewelers” kind of girl?
  • How much does it cost to ship a 42.5 pound pumpkin?
  • Did it arrive in time for Halloween?
  • Was the pumpkin at one point a carriage meant to carry Grande to a grand ball, but it arrived after midnight and therefore resumed its status as a pumpkin by the time she opened it?
  • Can anyone tell us more about this giant-ass pumpkin, please?

Apparently, despite police asking him to stop, Normandin plans to continue sending Grande gifts. This can only end well.

In better news, Grande just released the video for “Love Me Harder,” the newest single taken from her new album, My Everything. The song, which features The Weeknd, was a fan favorite upon My Everything’s release in August, so making it a single seems like a sound choice. The song itself sounds a bit like Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want,” and the sultry video, which takes place in a shadowy underground tomb, brings to mind Britney Spears’ “‘Til the World Ends.” Watch below: