Mariah Carey’s Support Act Accuses Singer of Dropping Her Simply Because She’s Female

Mariah: You're a Cheater
Did Mariah Carey just accuse Nick Cannon of cheating?
Mariah Carey’s The Elusive Chanteuse Show tour has hit another bump in the road.

Major vocal and wardrobe problems aside, the “#Beautiful” singer has been accused of dropping her Australian support act simply because she’s a girl. A tweet from Australian crooner Natalia, who was slated perform at a pre-show function for VIPs before Sunday’s concert in Perth, says that her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was dashed because Carey allegedly didn’t want to share the stage with a female.

Natalia writes:

However, Carey’s Lambs quickly notes that the singer probably had nothing with the snub. Carey’s Australian fan Twitter defends the 44-year-old’s decision to axe her opener, writing:

According to Natalia, she will be taking her story even more public by going on Australian TV to sort out the matter.