Miley Cyrus’ Go-To Hair Colorist Justin Anderson Talks Celebrity Hair and How-Tos

Miley's Hair Evolution
See how the pop star has transformed her look over time
You know that perfectly bleached-blonde hair Miley Cyrus has been rocking since she first chopped her locks into her now-famous pixie in 2013?  Well, we got a chance to chat with the person who made it happen: Justin Anderson!

Celebrity hair colorist and creative director of dphUE, Anderson not only tousled with Cyrus’ tresses, but has become the go-to style expert for other celebs including Jennifer Aniston, Leighton Meester and Emma Roberts.

So who has been his favorite A-lister to work with so far?

“I was thrilled (and nerve wracked) when I got to take Jennifer Aniston from her iconic California blonde, to a dark and drab brunette color for her movie role in Cake,” he admits.  “The color was not supposed to be beautiful for the role, so it was a fine line… But it was exciting, and I can’t wait to see the movie!”

Speaking of changing hair color, we absolutely adore that Miley is a brunette-gone-blonde because it totally suits her personality and voice in the industry… And since he made it work, we couldn’t help but ask what he thought about Kim Kardashian’s similarly drastic change she made last year.

“Although I am a fan of Kim’s shiny brunette, I think it’s cool for such a recognizable celebrity to have fun and change it up once in a while,” he explains.  “She looked gorgeous blonde as well.  I am sure she can pull off most anything!”

Of course, there are also some celebs who should stick to what they know.

“I was devastated when Margot Robbie from the Wolf of Wall Street went brunette,” Anderson reveals.  “She was the ultimate blonde bombshell!”

We can’t argue with that… And since Anderson is so spot on with color, what works and what just doesn’t, we needed to know his thoughts on what the next year will look like for hair trends.

“I definitely think balayage is here to stay–it’s been around forever and is a classic technique in getting a natural gorgeous highlight,” he explains, adding, “We will also be seeing pastels and bright colored hues stick around a bit as well, and they are shifting towards a ‘dusty, vintage’ looking color.”

So Lena Dunham’s new ‘do is ahead of the times!

The coloring guru also dished his tips for styling at home and being able to get that celebrity look on our own.

He explains that everyone should prevent from “over heating the hair with styling tools such as curling irons and blow dryers. Give your hair a break a few days a week!” He also adds that “using a deep moisture mask regularly, like the dpHUE moisture mask on towel dried hair for 10-15 minutes [followed by] our oil therapy through damp hair mid-ends and getting a shiny sleek blowout” can help with healthier, fuller hair.

To get your own Justin Anderson customized at-home style and more information on styling, check out the dphUE collection here!