Rita Ora Claims Her Twitter Was Hacked Following ‘Retweetgate,’ But It Doesn’t Matter ‘Cuz Her Followers Are Fake

Twitter Fail
See the tweet that landed Ora in hot water.
We were rooting for you, Rita! We were all rooting for you! (Well, someone was, anyway.)

Rita Ora continued to dig herself deeper into the social media muck as she confronted reports that she publicly face-planted on Twitter. Last week, Ora tweeted that she would release a new single if she got 100,000 retweets. When, instead, she got less than 2,000 retweets, the tweet vanished, but not before someone took a screenshot. Now, Ora claims she was hacked. Unfortunately, no one’s buying that, though everyone suspects Ora is guilty of buying Twitter followers.

After outlets picked up on the failed retweets story, Ora took to Twitter to “clear the air”:



Sure, okay. We’ll ignore the fact that Ora didn’t mention being hacked until after everyone reported on the original tweet. We’ll also ignore the fact that this “hacker” wreaked no other havoc while having the keys to her account, which seems atypical for a hacker.

That’s not all. In the wake of this embarrassment, people are now questioning how many of Ora’s 3.9 million followers are even real. It’s common practice for people to “buy” followers — Katy Perry, the most-followed person on Twitter, has an estimated 14 million fake followers — but Ora’s stumble called attention to her probably-highly-exaggerated audience.  BuzzFeed reports via Twitter Audit that nearly 1.4 million of Ora’s followers are fake (spam bots and inactive accounts.)

So to sum up: Ora asked people to retweet her and it didn’t work because practically no real human beings even follow her. Good work, everyone!