Amanda Bynes Is “So Mad” at Her Parents: “We Aren’t Speaking”

Amanda's Twitter Rant
Amanda Bynes lashes out following psych hold release.
Amanda: I'm Bipolar
Amanda Bynes says she has bipolar disorder.
Amanda Bynes is livid at her parents for allegedly withholding her funds.

The She’s The Man actress, who is under her parents’ conservatorship after displaying bizarre behavior last month, claims that Rick Bynes and Lynn Organ are not providing her with enough money to live independently.

On Tuesday afternoon, Amanda took to Twitter to call out her parents, writing in a length rant:

The former child star also lashed out at her own looks. She tweeted:

Previously, Amanda sought to have her parent’s conservatorship lifted after she was released from her psychiatric hold at a treatment facility in Pasadena, Calif. However, a judge ruled that Amanda’s parents will continue to oversee her finances after the starlet continued to act questionably in public, including throwing a wad of cash up in the air at a local hotel lobby and showing up late to her own court proceedings.

According to Amanda, she is currently on medication for bipolar disorder and is seeing a psychologist every week.

Recent reports suggest that Amanda is living off of American Express gift cards provided by her parents to prevent her from making large purchases — such as when the troubled actress bought Cartier jewelry for complete strangers.

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