Amanda Bynes Says She’s Back on Meds, Diagnosed Bi-Polar in Twitter Update

Bizarre Behavior Continues
Amanda Bynes makes it rain in a Hollywood hotel lobby.
Amanda Bynes took to Twitter again early Tuesday morning, deleting her previous tweets and updating the world with new ones.

Her latest string of tweets are much more positive; Amanda says she is back on meds, seeing her psychiatrist, and in the process of ending her parent’s conservatorship over her.

Since being released from psychiatric hold, Amanda has been spotted at Mel’s diner quite frequently, but other than that, the actress has been hanging low. Maybe her low-key behavior is because she doesn’t have access to her money (she is allegedly being given a Amex giftcards to live off of by her parents)?

Given the promising nature of these tweets, it seems like Amanda is being supported both by her lawyer and her psychiatrist in order to get her personal life and career back on track.