One Second Lady Gaga’s Got Eyebrows, Then Suddenly the Eyebrows Are Her

Lady Gaga’s looks — and, let’s be honest, her music — have become more polarizing as time marches on, and that’s okay. Polarizing is not necessarily bad. Our winning captions are always amazing, so it’s acceptable for some other things to change.

“Damn I just realized I used a sharpie instead of liquid liner!” - Sakom

“That’s really how I look … Damn stylist !” – Brittney

“I come in peace” – Meesa

Cleopatra meets Mufasa!” – Jaci

“make sure you get all my eyebrows in…” – Taryn

“This girl behind me is touching my ass” – Alan

“My inspiration today comes from the movie Predator” – Lori

“She looks like boy georges sister ?” - Sandra

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