EXCLUSIVE: Khloe Kardashian Describes Her ‘Ideal’ Man, How She Finds ‘Serenity’ After Breakups

Khloé Kardashian has been through quite a bit over the last year, including a divorce from Lamar Odom and a breakup with French Montana.

But despite the heartbreak, the reality star hasn’t given up on love and feels like she knows at least a little bit about what she’s looking for when it comes to her ideal man in the future.

CELEBUZZ got the chance to speak with her one-on-one while she promoted the launch of HYNOTIQ Sparkle in Beverly Hills earlier this week, and she explained that she’s just looking for someone who will love her unconditionally.

When describing her ideal man, she says, “I just think someone who loves you for everything you are–Like the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. You have to love someone for all of their imperfections as well. That would be my perfect person.”

However, in terms of characteristics, she says she doesn’t think she could pinpoint specific things she looks for in her partner because they’re never the same.

“I feel like it changes. Something you might have wanted a year ago is different than what you want next year,” she explains. “I just feel like life changes, and you change your wants and desires in people.”

Speaking of changes, Khloé has seen her fair share of them over the last year. How does she manage to keep her head straight following the heartbreak and the chaos that has engulfed her life?

“I have a lot of different heads, so I just put a different one on!” She laughs before adding, “I’m just insane!”

But all joking aside, she has really found her sanctuary at the gym.

“I’m not someone who sits in the negative. You’re allowed to have a bad day or a bad month or whatever, but eventually you have to get out of that,” she explains. “I realized during my divorce. I’ve always had weight issues, and I wasn’t even trying to lose weight during my divorce at the end, but [the gym] is where I found my serenity. No one would talk to me. I would put my headphones on, and it was peace and quiet. It was just something I enjoyed doing, and once you see results it’s fun and it does feel good.”

The 30-year-old’s favorite song at the moment is “No Flex Zone.” So you can bet she’s had that on blast in her headphones during her post-French Montana workouts.

“The more ratchet, the better!” Khloé admits with a laugh.

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