Hilary Duff to Aaron Carter: “It’s Time to Move On”

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CREDIT: Credit: Lucy Nicholson/Getty Images

Sorry, Aaron Carter. The “love of your life” isn’t hoping to reconcile.

Speaking to Elle Canada, Hilary Duff opens up about her ex-boyfriend and how she has been pretty much weirded out by all his public declarations of love.

“Oh, God, I feel so uncomfortable right now. I don’t know what to say. The more I talk about it, the more I think he’s going to talk about it,” she says about the whole situation. “We were like 13 and 14.”

Duff, 27, explains, “I don’t want him to be hurt — I don’t want to make anyone feel like that — but it’s time to move on. I have.”

Looking back, the Lizzie McGuire actress recognizes that she has made mistakes as a teenager. Though they may have not been huge mistakes — say,  going to jail a la Lindsay Lohan— out in the public spotlight, confesses that she’s not such the perfect former child star everyone thinks she is.

“It was a very confusing time. It was a lot of pressure, and I became more content with myself when all the competition was gone and I could make choices for myself. I fucked up along the way too, but I got to do it quietly, which was awesome,” she says of her adolescence years. “Now, turning 27 feels weird. I still kind of feel like a kid. I’m a kid with a kid.”

Regarding motherhood and her split from husband Mike Comrie, Duff adds, “I’ve dealt with [attention] for such a long time. But some of the bigger struggles that came my way in the past two years — like my separation or when my parents separated — were the first times I had to deal with people knowing about something personal happening to my family. It just felt so invasive and insensitive. It got really gross, and I think part of you gets a bit desensitized. The best way to handle it is by just owning your shit. I’m human and this is what happened. None of us is perfect.”