Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Are Probably Back Together

Jennifer Hacked
Jennifer Lawrence and more had their nudes hacked.
Breaking up in Hollywood is so hard to do.

It looks as if actress Jennifer Lawrence and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin may be dating once again. Or did they actually even break up?

On the same day (October 27, 2014) that sources confirmed the couple had gone their separate ways, Jennifer was seen visiting Chris’ Malibu home for several hours. And she’s been back since.

The Oscar-winner was spotted there again three days later, on Thursday (October 30, 2014), and again on Saturday (November 1, 2014), People reports.

However the status of Martin Lawrence remains in question, with one source telling People that they have indeed split and another source saying that the couple is still together.

“They’re very much together,” an insider tells People. “He’s very much into her and they’re still seeing each other.”

The source went on, “In the beginning, they would spend almost equal time in the Beverly Hills-West Hollywood area and Malibu,” another source says. “Lately, they have mostly been spending time at his Malibu house, which means she has to drive back and forth” – about a 90-minute commute.

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