Kerry Washington Confesses She Wore A Little Makeup for ‘Make-Up Free’ Allure Cover

Box of Lies
Kerry Washington and Jimmy Fallon play hilarious game of box of lies
Beautiful actress Kerry Washington went all natural for Allure’s November cover. Well…sort of!

On Monday’s episode of The View, the actress and new mom admitted she was wearing a little bit of makeup in order to achieve that “no makeup” look!

In typical Olivia Pope fashion, Kerry and the the rest of The View co-hosts drink red wine and eat popcorn as Kerry gets real about one of her most important life lessons and her Allure cover.

The Scandal star, who looked positively glowing on the cover, said, “It is a no-makeup look but I do have some makeup on. I’m going to be honest because I think it’s unfair when we tell women they should look like something that’s not real.”

While Allure never explicitly said that Kerry was “makeup free”, The View co-host Rosie Perez told Washington she thought it was “so brave” of her to be completely fresh faced on the cover, though she’s “naturally beautiful anyway”, at which point Kerry interjected in order to set the record straight.

Thanks for being honest Kerry!

She also said, “I remember when I was in college someone told me that self-reliance was a character flaw. I thought, ‘What do you mean?’ I thought that’s what the goal in life was, to do everything perfectly on your own. It has been a really important lesson for me in life to ask for help and just let myself be who I am.”

In conclusion, the “no makeup” look is a technique worthy of high esteem by women, one that no man will ever understand; the routine takes exactly the same amount of time (if not more) as a “makeup” look, except that the end-goal is to look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

No sarcasm intended: the “no makeup” look isn’t a ridiculous one to try out, and with some practice, practice, practice, anyone can achieve that glowing, au naturel look like Kerry Washington!