Kim Kardashian is ‘Standing With Obama’ in Midterm Elections

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Is Kim K. pregnant and moving into a Downton Abbey named home?
Does Kim Kardashian think that President Obama is on the Midterm Elections ballot today? Or, is “standing with Obama” her way of saying to just vote Democrat?

Although we think it’s the latter, at least Kim is encouraging everyone to be patriotic and vote!!!

Kim reminded her followers to vote on Twitter and Instagram Monday night.


I’m standing with President Obama in the midterm election tomorrow! Find out what you need to cast your ballot at

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Using the “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” cartoon version of herself standing next to a Kim-ified President Obama, Kim is also kind of reminding us about her best-selling app.

Sign. Even if she uses voting as a way to shamelessly promote “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, the fact that she encouraged everyone to vote in the first place is still really awesome.

She’s not the only celeb to encourage voting via social media today! See below for some of the best celeb tweets:

Go out and vote!