Mariah Carey Spends $85,000 to Look Good on Camera

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When it comes to looking presentable, Mariah Carey isn’t leaving it all in the hands of Photoshop professionals. She also spends an ungodly amount of money for the services of beauty professionals.

How much money are we talking? According to a new lawsuit brought against Carey’s record label, as much as $85,000 for one photo shoot.

A photographer is suing Carey’s record label after, allegedly, he prepped a photo shoot for Carey’s album cover only to see her bail at the last minute. TMZ got its hands on the legal documents, which break down the amount of money spent on hair, makeup, and clothing professionals for the shoot:

  • Stylist: $65,391
  • Hair stylist: $9,600
  • Makeup artist: $7,200
  • Manicurist: $2,400

This totals about $85,000, so think of that the next time you’re wondering whether that $40 bottle of Bumble and bumble product is too much of a “splurge.”

According to TMZ, Carey’s label claims they never fully agreed to the terms of the contract, and therefore they are not responsible for paying the $150,000 fee for which the photographer is suing.

This is only the latest bad press for Carey, who this year alone has suffered embarrassing record sales, public and messy divorce proceedings, unrelenting rumors that she is a petty and cruel woman, and countless stories about her photoshopping images. Chin up, Carey! It’s almost 2015; it’ll likely be a better year for you and, hopefully, all of us.