Nicki Minaj Smashed Up Her Ex Boyfriend’s Mercedes Benz With a Baseball Bat

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After seeing how she handled Mariah Carey while judging American Idol and how she threw shade at Iggy Azalea during her BET Awards speech, we already know Nicki Minaj is not someone you want to have beef with.

But in case you needed some additional proof, we found out why she and her now ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels finally broke up: she smashed up his car with a baseball bat.

TMZ reports that the former couple got into an argument over the summer, and the “Anaconda” rapper got so pissed she completely lost it and grabbed a baseball bat, originally going after him and chasing him out of the house with it.

Luckily, instead of beating the crap out of him, she decided to take it out on his Mercedes Benz instead, completely wrecking the car.

Law enforcement sources say police with called to the house, but no arrests were made.  Samuels was simply escorted out of her home and left.  Minaj didn’t face charges for the destruction because the Benz was in her name.

The couple called things off shortly thereafter… And I think that was probably their best bet before something seriously bad went down!