Rihanna Gets Wet, Wild and Topless in ‘Esquire’ UK Spread

Rihanna's Sexiest Covers
Rihanna loves showing skin on magazine covers.
Rihanna is back, bitches.

Not only has the pop star slayed the internet by making her return to Instagram, but she’s also grabbed December by the balls and snagged two major magazine cover spreads–both very sexy and very topless, almost as in a way to say TAKE THAT to the Instagram officials who blocked her nude photos and caused her to go on a lengthy hiatus.

But she’s back now! And baring her boobs again, both in print and on social media.

The “Pour It Up” songstress is the newest face for Esquire UK, but let’s be honest, it’s not her face we’re looking at.  RiRi shows off her half-naked body in the shoot, wearing only a pair of underwear as she gets wet and wild in a bathroom.

The shoot showcases Rihanna’s sexy yet silly personality, and I don’t know if it’s because this is one of her first shoots in a while, but she looks better (and badder) than ever. See for yourself in the photos above!

Meanwhile, Rih also got naked during another recent, equally sexy shoot for or ELLE magazine’s Dec. cover in which she not only  dressed down but also expressed her Christmas wish of getting “a big, trimmed d*ck” under the tree.  Check the out here.

Launch the gallery above to see more of Rihanna’s sexy Esquire pics!