EXCLUSIVE: Caroline Vreeland is About to Give FKA Twigs Some Big Competition

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With FKA Twigs gaining more and more recognition in this genre of futuristic, dream pop–which is really just her own, unique music–it’s exciting to see other artists coming forward with similarly distinct sounds.

Though they differ in many ways, after watching to Caroline Vreeland‘s latest music video for “The Mauling,” it’s impossible not to compare her to Twigs–both creating such mysterious, awe-inspiring art through both sound and visuals.

CELEBUZZ got the chance to sit down with Vreeland and chat about her music (which she describes as “filled with doomed magic”), discuss how artists like Twigs and Kanye West have influenced her and get to know who this mysterious up-and-coming artist truly is.

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CELEBUZZ: Let’s start off by helping our readers get to know you a little bit better… Who is Caroline Vreeland?  If you could describe yourself in one sentence what would it be?

Caroline Vreeland: My main focus in my life, which I’ve known since such an early age, is to be able to turn my experiences into music and have people to be able to hear it and take comfort in knowing that they’re not alone–to be able to do that is my life goal.

CB: You have a very distinct sound in your music–you describe it as “nervous and filled with doomed magic”–What inspires that? Where does that sound stem from?

CV: I’ve always been drawn to the dark side of stuff.  This new album is called In Ruins, and it’s about my relationship with myself.   It’s a way to express my fears.  I realized I was writing about the shortcomings that I have, about my imperfections.  In the past I’ve put a lot of blame on other people who have crossed me, but now I’m trying to just sort of admit I am where I am; I’m not perfect, but this is me.

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CB: What current artist would you say you are enjoying the most right now? Favorite artist of all time?

CV: Well, Fiona Apple is my end all be all.  I’m also very into Kanye West.  But I would say most current, I’m really into FKA Twigs.  There’s something so magical about what she’s doing, and I’ve been focusing a lot on visuals, especially with “The Mauling.”  …But to see she puts so much emphasis on the visuals–cool different stuff that takes your mind to a different place–I’m very inspired by that.  I think the visual has a lot to do with music, and I think they go hand-in-hand.  I look up to her for that… I get a sense when I watch her, and this is which is what I want to exude too, is that I’m not trying to make anyone happy besides being true to what my heart is.  She doesn’t mind looking a little off and I love that.

CB: What is is about Kanye that you love?

CV: I think that he is just a God really.  He’s sort of created the archetype of being the asshole, but you know, everyone has an archetype… But there’s just something about everything he puts out.  He puts 200% into every single thing he does–every interview, every song.  It’s like he’s always 10 steps ahead of everybody else.

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CB: What are your thoughts on his relationship with Kim Kardashian?

CV:  It’s funny I’ve met both of them, and I remember thinking when I heard they got together that they were perfect for each other.  I don’t know them too, too well but I just think they both have that huge, larger-than-life skill, and I think it’s really cool.

CB: If you could collaborate with one person–dead or alive–who would it be?

CV: Fiona Apple. But also there’s a Russian Ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, and they published a book of his diary.   It’s considered one of the only accounts of an artist losing his mind, and you can see in this diary as he starts to go crazy.  I think it would be so cool to be able to do some kind of piece where I’m singing and to have someone dancing and expressing what they feel from the music, dancing that way.

CB: So what, other than your sound and your style, sets you apart from other artists?

CV: I’m an open book. I’m just very honest.  I think people try to look so polished all the time, and that’s not what turns me on.  I’m more interested in the darker side and what makes people tick.

CB: Now you’re also a big face in the fashion industry. What’s your go-to, every day look?

CV: I’ve been wearing my boyfriend’s jeans a lot lately.  But I’m just always pretty much in tennis shoes and black.

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CB: What’s your favorite item of clothing you’ve ever owned?

CV: I inherited the ivory cuff that my great-grandmother wore, and it’s my signature piece.  So jewelry-wise, that would be my favorite.  It’s really unique and there’s nothing in the world like it.  Other than that, probably just my simple Helmut Lang blazer.  It makes everything chic.

CB: Alright, just to wrap things up, can you tell our readers something the world doesn’tt already know about you?

CV: I’m super into sci-fy and dragons.  My boobs are real, and I eat carbs.

Make sure to check out Vreeland’s new music video for “The Mauling” below: