Kendrick Lamar Loves Taylor Swift, Listen to Him Sing & Freestyle Over ‘Shake It Off’

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Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift really enjoy each other’s music!

Earlier today, we told you about Swift dancing to Lamar’s song, “Backseat Freestyle.” Now, an audio clip has surfaced of Lamar singing Swift’s song, “Shake It Off.” But, that’s not all! A second audio clip has also surfaced and on that clip you can hear Lamar freestyle over Swift’s song! Listen to both audio clips below!

After it was officially announced that Swift’s 1989 album sold over a million copies in its first week of sales, the 24-year-old singer celebrated with “Backseat Freestyle.” Check out the Instagram video below!


Now, audio clips were just posted from two of Lamar’s recent interviews. The first clip is from Lamar’s interview with The Fader, and you can hear him sing Swift’s song, “Shake It Off.” Check it out below!

Then, a second clip was posted from a different Lamar interview. This interview is with radio station K104 in Dallas. In the audio, you can hear Lamar freestyle over Swift’s song.

What do you think about these clips? It sounds like Lamar really likes Swift’s song! Should Lamar and Swift collaborate? Sound off in the comments!