Notoriously Terrible Driver Kylie Jenner Is Being Sued for Being a Terrible Driver

Car Drama
A driver blames Kylie's reckless driving for another accident.
Two Tickets
Kylie got two tickets in ONE day.
Kylie Jenner might want to konsider taking kabs everywhere from now on.

Both Kylie and her mother, Kris Jenner, are being sued by one of the other drivers involved in the three-car pileup that occurred in August 2013.

The accident in question occurred on August 28, 2013, just 18 days after Kylie’s 16th birthday. Allegedly, Kylie, who was driving a Mercedes G-Wagon, rear-ended a stopped Toyota, which then rolled forward and rear-ended a Subaru. The woman driving the Subaru is suing Kylie, claiming she suffered back and neck injuries.

Because the plaintiff believes the car was registered under Kris’ name, Kris is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Almost a year after the aforementioned accident, Kylie was involved in another crash while driving a Range Rover. Let us not forget that she was issued not one, but two tickets during the course of one day earlier this year.

Kylie, perhaps consider one of the following options for getting from Point A to Point B:

  • Ask literally any single one of your gazillion family members to drive you
  • Ask literally any single one of the dozens of young men to whom you are romantically linked during a given week to drive you
  • Walk into a pizza parlor, ask for a pizza to be delivered to your destination of choice, and then hitch a ride with the driver
  • Take a cab
  • Take a helicopter
  • Segways are still around, just FYI
  • Hire a driver, ‘cuz you can afford one
  • Fund the invention of a hover car, ‘cuz you can afford it, and also we all are still waiting for hover cars

Here’s hoping Kylie heeds this advice or at least has really good insurance.