Paris Hilton’s Shocking $2 Billion Perfume Empire

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We’ve always known Paris Hilton didn’t live no simple life; nor has she ever been hurting for money. I mean, the celebutante dropped $13K on a dog.

But who would have thought that Paris Hilton’s perfume line is actually a $2 BILLION fragrance EMPIRE?!

This week’s launch of “To Love, Paris Hilton” marks the creation of the hotel heiresses’ 17th perfume.

Um. When did all of this happen?

I suppose it came to be while Paris, famous for being famous, was out moonlighting as a DJ in Ibiza, or something like that, because she has been building her fragrance empire for a decade now.

Paris casually talked to Women’s Wear Daily about her success late last month. From the girl who’s catchphrase was “that’s hot” herself:

“I would say that the success speaks for itself. [My brand] is one of the number-one celebrity fragrances out there and I have 17, which is a lot more than, I don’t know, most people.”

Paris is right; it doesn’t take strong deduction skills to let her brand speak for itself. And because most of her popularity comes from abroad, she’s constantly traveling to promote her brand (and also DJ clubs).

Since her days on The Simple Life, Paris Hilton has been considered a socialite at best. But with $2 billion in sales, and a worldwide fan base, it appears the joke might now be on us.