Watch: Alex From Target Talks Twitter Fame on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Ellen Degeneres' Selfie
Ellen's selfie with a bunch of A-Lister's broke Twitter last night
Who is Alex From Target?

#AlexFromTarget is the social media hashtag that has been trending for many days now on Twitter. The hashtag was inspired by a photo that was posted on Twitter of a boy named Alex Lee while he was working at Target. The photo went viral and people on Twitter went crazy over the cute boy in the photo. Now, he’s social media famous and he’s explaining his rise to fame on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Take a look at the video to hear Alex From Target tell the story!

It was just a regular day for #AlexFromTarget. He’d been working at the store, but then his manager showed him something that was going to change his life. Alex explained to host Ellen DeGeneres, “My manager came up to me and she showed me the actual picture, I thought it was fake.”

Alex From Target, Alex Lee


But, it wasn’t! Alex continued, “Then about an hour later, these random girls I’d never met before came in and showed me my Twitter page and it had like 5,000 more followers, and I was just really confused.” Alex originally had 144 followers, now he has 662K followers!

Things seem to be going very well for Alex, TMZ is reporting that people in Hollywood want to meet with him! Do you think he’ll become a model? Or, maybe an actor?

Check out the video above to hear Alex explain the story, then let us know what you think! Are you a fan of #AlexFromTarget? Sound off in the comments!