Amanda Bynes’ Parents Are Giving Up Conservatorship, Moving to Texas

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Amanda Bynes is Broke
Amanda Bynes is reportedly living off of Amex gift cards provided by her parents.
Today in the Amanda Bynes saga, TMZ reports that her parents are surrendering their conservatorship because they don’t think they have what it takes to control her.

Afterwards, they plan on leaving California and moving to Texas to be closer to their older daughter.

They will file legal documents within the next few days in order to appoint someone else as Amanda’s conservator, particularly someone who is “a mental health professional who specializes in handling people with severe mental illnesses”.

They will also be transferring their power over her finances to someone else, such as a money manager.

Even though their relationship will be a long distance one from now on, these decisions are being made in the interest of rebuilding their relationship with Amanda. Hopefully these changes will mitigate any future family drama, since one of the biggest things Amanda has been lashing out against was the fact that they have had control over her financial matters.

Yesterday afternoon, Amanda Bynes tweeted somewhat cryptic messages, such as “Stay true to who you are” and “I protect myself from who ever hurts me”.