Heidi Montag Wants Amanda Bynes to Live With Her

Inside Amanda's Life
This is how Amanda Bynes is spending her days.
Is Amanda Homeless?
Amanda Bynes is caught sleeping on a couch at a mall.
Amanda Bynes may not need to sleep on couches in the mall any longer.

The Hills alum Heidi Montag has offered the former Nickelodeon star a place to crash while the court is figuring out her conservatorship after Bynes’ parents, Lynn Organ and Rick Bynessurrendered their right this week.

After hearing news that Bynes is struggling to find a home, Montag tweeted at the She’s the Man actress, writing:

According to Bynes, she is currently staying with friends after being rejected from several Los Angeles hotels. Recent reports suggests that Bynes is living off of American Express gift cards provided by her parents to prevent her from making extravagant purchases such buying Cartier jewelry for complete strangers.

Previously, Bynes accused her parents of withholding her fund from her, lashing out at them in a Twitter rant:

Bynes later claimed she was diagnosed as bipolar and manic depressive. She also said that she is currently seeking medical assistance and has been taking her medication again.