Jaden Smith Released New Music in Honor of Kendall Jenner’s Birthday

Jaden in Bed
Shirtless Jaden Smith poses in bed with Kylie Jenner
Because it was Kendall Jenners birthday and he’s “in love” with her, Jaden Smith released a new EP that isn’t half bad.

While three new songs as a birthday gift sounds romantic, we all know that Jaden is linked to the other Jenner gal, Kylie, who maybe got a song in honor of their supposed breakup (“Fast“), and also a starring role in Jaden’s video, “Blue Ocean“.

The cryptic 16-year-old Tweeted:

But, he forewarned his Twitter followers on November 2nd that Kendall had to approve of the songs first.

Kendall obviously was all about it, since she retweeted to her followers:

First we were all wondering if “Blue Oceans” was about Kylie because they kissed in it and all.

Then we were all wondering if “Fast” was about Kylie because it’s always about Kylie.

Now, maybe Jaden’s just being a flirt with the elder Jenner. Or maybe he’s still hung up on Kylie (who’s currently being romantically linked to Tyga), and trying to win her back by going after Kendall.

Like his mystifying Twitter account, his love for the Jenner girls will probably always be confounding.

[Lead photo courtesy of Kendall Jenner’s Instagram]