This is How Amanda Bynes Spends Her Day: Taking Selfies, Smoking & Applying Makeup

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Amanda Bynes is Broke
Amanda Bynes is reportedly living off of Amex gift cards provided by her parents.
Amanda Bynes is spending her days wondering around Los Angeles.

Cameras just spotted Bynes taking selfies, smoking, applying makeup in LA. These pictures were taken right after Bynes fell asleep on a couch at the mall. Take a look at the gallery to see the pictures of Bynes taking selfies, and a smoke break.

Earlier today, we told you that Bynes’ parents are surrendering their conservatorship. Then, we told you that Bynes fell asleep at The Beverly Center, a mall in Los Angeles. Now, we have pictures of Bynes from today, taking selfies, taking a smoke break, and putting on makeup.

Bynes is very limited in money right now, she’s living off of $50 to $100 gift cards from her parents. So, that money might not allow Bynes to pay for a hotel, which would explain falling asleep on the mall couch. The new photos show Bynes talking on her phone in a few pictures, so let’s hope she’s talking to a friend who will let her stay with them tonight.

Launch the gallery to see all of the photos, and then let us know what you think. What would be best for Bynes right now? Sound off in the comments!