Amanda Bynes Reportedly Wants to Be a Bartender

Amanda Bynes is Broke
Amanda Bynes is reportedly living off of Amex gift cards provided by her parents.
Amanda: I'm Bipolar
Amanda Bynes says she has bipolar disorder.
Amanda Bynes is ready to get back to work — but not in the way you’d think.

The former Nickelodeon star, who once starred in hit TV shows and movies like She’s The Man and Easy A, wants to become a bartender. Sources tells TMZ that Bynes is striving for a “normal life” these days and using her star power to become Tom Cruise a la Cocktail would help her draw crowds and make money.

Bynes has been claiming that she has been denied access from her $5.7 million fortune due to her conservatorship, which was surrendered by her parents earlier this week.

According to the actress, she is currently sleeping on couches in the mall crashing with friends as she does not have enough money to stay at a hotel or rent an apartment. Recent reports suggests that Bynes is living off of American Express gift cards ranging from $50 to $100 given to her by her parents.

The Hills alum Heidi Montag has publicly offered to house Bynes at her Santa Barbara, Calif., guest house. TMZ reports that two people from The Canyon Treatment Center, the facility where Bynes was under a psychiatric hold earlier this year, have also reached out.

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