Avril Lavinge and Chad Kroeger Not Divorcing, Will Maybe Have Their Happy Ending After All

A source says Kroeger and Lavigne are ending their short marriage.
The King and Queen of Canada, Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne, respectively, will continue to benevolently reign down upon our neighbors to the north, despite rumors to the contrary.

Kroeger recently set the record straight about his relationship with Lavigne, calling the rumors of a split “crap.”

Speaking with E-talk, a Canadian entertainment program, Kroeger said, “When you’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store and you look over and it’s your face on there. Not the … Kardashians… and Brangelinas… it’s ‘Chavril.’ You’re like, ‘Can I buy all these? So that no one can see?'”

You’re rich, Kroeger, so we can’t see why not.

It’s not all a laughing matter, however. “My family memebers hear this stuff… and then they call me up very concerned,” Kroeger said. In another interview with ET Canada, Kroeger said that his father called him up, distressed and sleep-deprived after reading about the supposed split. “I’m like, ‘Dad, you’re not buying all this crap are you?'”

(One hopes that in addition to not believing the rumors, Kroeger’s father also refrained from buying the actual magazines.)

Kroeger understands what he’s dealing with, though, calling Hollywood gossip “high school multiplied exponentially. It’s ridiculous.”

Still, Kroeger seems to have a sense of humor about the whole ordeal: “Let’s start a new rumor: I’m pregnant!”

We very much look forward to reporting on the now-confirmed rumor that Kroeger will be the first man to give birth. And to a royal heir, no less!