Daniel Radcliffe Accidentally Drank Antifreeze on the Set of ‘Horns’ and Lived!

Daniel's 'Horns'
Daniel Radcliffe suits up for the Paris premiere of 'Horns.'
Daniel Radcliffe must have an iron stomach.

Yesterday (November 06, 2014), Daniel paid a visit to Conan to promote his new movie Horns and recalled one very scary moment on set.

The 25-year-old actor didn’t realize he was drinking water which contained antifreeze, and found himself bed-ridden for three days because of it.

“The thing I hadn’t been told about,” Daniel began. “It is very cold in Canada and as a solution to that, because they don’t want the water to freeze in the pipes in the trailers overnight, they put antifreeze in it.

“So it’s all non-potable water that comes out the tap. I did not know that, so I drank a full cup of non-potable water, so I guess like half-antifreeze or whatever it would have been.”

Conan O’Brien replied: “That can kills you! You drank a glass of water mixed with antifreeze!”

Daniel continued: “Yeah but I didn’t realize, and then I got horrendously ill and didn’t know why I had become so ill, and a couple of weeks later I went to drink a glass of water in hair and makeup and they were like, ‘What are you doing? don’t’ do that, that’s crazy you can’t drink that water’.”

“I just had never seen the signs though,” he added. “I went back and checked my trailer and there weren’t signs in it that said, ‘don’t drink this water’, but it was just an accident.”

Thank goodness Daniel is okay, otherwise one big messy lawsuit would have come out of that preventable mishap.