Instant Follow Friday: Solange aka Saint Records Is the Cool Kid on the Block We All Want to Befriend

Solange Suits Up
Solange wears an awesome H&M suit to the VMA's
Family Drama
Solange finally addresses elevator altercation with Jay Z
Solange is the coolest girl on the block. Period. She has her own record label, she likes to spin records, she is the opposite of a basic fashion blogger, and her music is, in one word, awesome.

Though there’s obviously no deduction needed, it’s important to note that Solange is not just Beyoncé‘s younger sister.

This week’s Instant Follow Friday is dedicated to Solange because in light of all the “Bey this, Bey that” news, we wanted to give some love to the saint that is Solange (@saintrecords).

Solange’s Instagram is a delicately curated account of her life, her cute son, her fashion, her travels, colorful walls and more. The girl really has it all going on. There are beautiful colors that pop out and enchant your eyes, and there’s an array of fabulous prints, always. Solange is literally the Queen of pastels, which is a very hard color group to pull off. Seriously, not even the Easter Bunny is the Queen of pastels.

Jokes (and truths) aside, Solange’s Instagram will provide you with endless style inspiration – for home decorating, landscape design, flawless FASHION, and how to make quirky + pastel sexier than red lipstick.

Another crazy cool thing about Solange is that she has never posed in front of the same wall. She really likes to pose in front of unique, colorful walls, surfaces and backdrops.

For example, you’ll see Solange wearing a really enviable dress, standing in front of a yellow brick wall. Perhaps you’ll see Solange wearing a great pair of printed pink high waisted shorts, in front of a pastel white/yellow/pink house with green shutters. Oh, there’s Solange before the VMA’s, wearing that amazing H&M black sparkly suit, and standing in front of a dark royal blue wall.

How, and where, does Solange find all these walls that so perfectly contrast her outfits?!

So if you didn’t know, now you know: Solange was super cool way before she attacked Jay Z she and Jay Z rode in an elevator together . I personally hope you now play “Lovers in the Parking Lot”, or “Don’t Let Me Down” if you’re feeling a little more playful, and immediately follow her @saintrecords on Instagram and also Twitter.