Lindsay Lohan’s Probation in Necklace Theft Ends

Lindsay Lohan is being sued for stealing a fashion app.
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Lindsay Lohan shares a sexy topless selfie on Instagram
Remember when Lindsay Lohan was having her hot mess phase and stole a $2,500 necklace from an LA boutique back in 2011?

Well, due to her model citizen behavior, her probation has finally been dropped! She’s still on probation for her other cases, though…

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Dabney ended Lindsay’s probation on Thursday because she seems to be doing well and has completed 102 hours of a 240-hour community service sentence.

The judge said that Lohan has “picked up the pace” working with an agency in London that aids neglected children and disabled adults.

Lindsay Instagrammed this picture 2 weeks ago:

Doing good work with good people DOES make a difference @CSV_UK

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The 28-year-old (formerly?) troubled actress is currently starring in David Mamet’s Speed the Plow in London.

She’s still on probation for her 2012 case involving reckless driving and lying to police, and must continue to perform community service and receive psychological counseling.

Lohan has been been on probation since 2007; she’s been briefly jailed 5 times over the years and sentenced to rehab for a range of violations. Her next hearing is set for January 28th.

Keep up the good behavior, Lindsay!