Megan Nicole Talks ‘Escape’ EP, Reveals She Looks Up to Taylor Swift

Taylor Covers Vance
Taylor Swift covers Vance Joy's hit 'Riptide' and yeah, it's beautiful.
If you’re a YouTube fan, you’re probably familiar with a talented singer named Megan Nicole.

The singer-songwriter became very popular on YouTube after posting amazing covers of popular songs. Now, Megan Nicole has just released her debut album! We were lucky enough to talk to the talented 21-year-old about her new five-song EP, Escape. Plus, the singer also revealed to us why she looks up to Taylor Swift! Get all of the details in the interview below!

Back in 2009, Megan Nicole started covering songs of famous artists and posted the videos on YouTube. As a result, the singer-songwriter created a huge following. She now has almost 3 million subscribers on YouTube!

When we asked her to talk about the beginning of her career, Megan Nicole revealed, “Before I started on YouTube, I think I was around 15 years old when I kind of picked up the guitar. Before that I had been playing the piano and singing, but something just kind of clicked when I picked up the guitar and I started creating my own music. I remember telling my parents around that age that this is what I wanted to do. So, I used to go to a lot of open mic and talent shows, and I would always audition for school talent shows. I just took every opportunity I could to get out in front of people and perform. So, I did that for a little while, and played at some restaurants and things of that sort.”

Megan Nicole

(Photos: Joseph Levi)

This was around the time that singers, like Justin Bieber, were getting noticed around the world for posting videos on YouTube. Megan told us it was her dad that realized she could use YouTube as a platform. She explained, “Then my dad saw people using YouTube as a platform, and I decided to share my music through there. And I posted a little acoustic version of (Kings of Leon’s) ‘Use Somebody’ and it got probably like a few hundred views, probably not even that. I just kind of would post here and there and started taking requests, and slowly but surely I guess something eventually clicked and a video went viral and that’s kind of when things took off from there. I think around when I hit around 100K subscribers, that was kind of a big moment for me, because it was like, ‘Woah, there’s 100K people waiting to see new videos from me.'”

Now that she has her own EP, how would Megan Nicole describe the sound of this album? She told us, “A lot of people kind of know me for like the fun, upbeat pop stuff, and I love to make people smile, and to make people feel good and have a good time. The cool thing about this EP was I kind of got to show another side of me. With ‘Alright,’ people got to see a more angry side of me, it was about a toxic relationship I was in. And ‘Escape’ was kind of about my journey of going through, leaving the record label, and becoming an independent artist and finding myself again. Those songs are really special to me because I really got to share another side of me and pour a lot of myself into these songs and I just hope people enjoy them and connect to them.”

While Megan Nicole is an inspiration to all of her fans, we wanted to know, who inspires her? She told us, “I grew up listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire. ‘Electrified’ actually has a little bit of Earth, Wind & Fire influence to it actually. I also really enjoy Taylor Swift. Something about her that I look up to is she just is so good at evolving and has done it so gracefully over the years, and continually pushing herself as an artists. She always says exactly what you’re feeling, but says it in a very clever way, which is really cool. “

We think these two should definitely do a collaboration in the future! Megan Nicole also told us she would like to collaborate with Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5!

Who would you like to see Megan Nicole collaborate with? Sound off in the comments!

Plus, you can check out Megan Nicole’s new album Escape on iTunes HERE! Also, check out her YouTube channel HERE!