Miley Cyrus Causes Outrage with Pig’s Pedicure

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Miley Cyrus gave her four-legged friend a pampering with a fresh mani-pedi, stirring up controversy in the process.

Though it probably came from a place of love, many of her fans are really upset for compelling adopted piggy Bubba Sue to bright red nail polish, saying it’s not cute, and in fact animal cruelty.

pig pig

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pig pig gonna be lookin fresh

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Some comments read…”Poor animal”, “It’s not a toy”, “Miley, pigs aren’t a toy. Don’t paint them..”, “what is wrong with you”.

Miley unsurprisingly adopted the little piggy back in August. She’s currently doing some promotion for her line of unflattering fake hillbilly teeth.

Once a country girl, always a country girl?