Nick Jonas Performs ‘Jealous’ LIVE And He’s Perfect

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Nick jonas sings about getting naked. You're welcome.
After witnessing him having sex yesterday, Nick Jonas and his sultry body have been on my mind constantly.  Needless to say, when I saw he performed on the Big Morning Buzz this morning in New York, I got just a wee bit excited.

Like, it’s one thing when a guy can sing, but it’s a totally new thing when you know he looks good in the sack, too.  The imagination escalates.

Anyway, te 22-year-old singer took to the stage to perform a live version of Jealous, the newest single off his upcoming self-titled album, and though he wasn’t shirtless, he still looked super hot.

He also chatted with host Nick Lachey about his current role in DirecTV series Kingdom saying, “I had to fight really hard for the role.  Coming from where I’m coming from, trying to make a transition in my career and push myself in a big way.  It wasn’t just given to me, I went in and worked hard to get it and went through a bit of a physical transformation for it as well and we really did train as fighters.  The whole experience has been incredible. We’re 5 episodes in now and got picked up for two more seasons.”

… Which means two more season of watching him get naughty in the sack!

Check out the video above to see his full performance.