From High-End to Low-End: Get Beyoncé’s Leather and Plaid Look for Less

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Beyonce x Topshop
Queen Bey is coming out with an athleisurewear line with Topshop.
Ever wish you had the perfect day-to-night, work-to-happy hour kind of ensemble?

Well look no further! Thanks to fashionista Queen Beyoncé, we’ve been inspired for the perfect fall any-time-of-day outfit.

The “Partition” songstress was spotted along her concrete catwalk known as New York City as she strutted her stuff and flashed a huge smile, probably on her way to handling some sort of Take Over the World plan or whatever… But most importantly her outfit was on point!

Bey rocked a leather skirt with a plaid shirt (one of my favorite combinations this season) and some sick Giuseppe Zannotti boots.  This look would totally work in the office and–as you can clearly see on B–for a night out to dinner or happy hour.  Thanks to the leather, it has a hint of sexy for the evening, yet with a buttoned up blouse it’s just toned down enough for the office… And if you’re feeling extra frisky, undo a few extra buttons for your after-work activities (wink wink).

However, even though we’re real good at the “Partition” dance in the comfort of our own homes, we’re not actually Beyoncé and likely can’t afford a $4K outfit.  So here’s a super similar look you can get for less:

Beyoncé’s Look

Look for Less

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