Watch: Kendra Wilkinson Insists She and Hank Baskett Will “Be Together Forever” Despite Affair Allegations

Although her statements stop short of confirming any affair whatsoever, Kendra Wilkinson is still talking about the drama surrounding her marriage to Hank Baskett and those nasty rumors that he cheated with transexual model Ava London.

Surprisingly though, the Kendra on Top star is now insisting that she and Hank will be together forever.

In an interview with Access Hollywood on Friday, Wilkinson talked about everything from wild rumors, to those pesky audio recordings of Hank and Ava and even the idea that the couple renewed their wedding vows.

It’s clear that some space has been put between the reality star and this scandal, which hit the web back in June, as she awkwardly laughs off scenes from her show that were shot in the thick of things. Kendra isn’t fully composed though, as it’s clear she’s still having a hard time expressing herself at several points during the video.

And although she insists that she knows what happened, not to mention referring to Ava as a “homewrecker,” Kendra told the AH hosts that “It’s not what you think happened. I can’t go on further past that. This is not my story, this is Hank’s story. This is what happened to Hank.”

Well, we’re sure that this story has yet to come to its close and thanks to the magic of reality television, you’ll be able to check out all the action from the safety of your couch.