Amanda Bynes Talks Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany in New Twitter Rant

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Amanda Bynes is Broke
Amanda Bynes is reportedly living off of Amex gift cards provided by her parents.
Amanda Bynes isn’t one to shy away from controversial topics… But her recent Twitter rant comes out of left field and definitely has some eyebrows raising.

The 28-year-old actress has decided to share her thoughts of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Meanwhile, right before posting about the controversial topic, Bynes was sharing more of her random thoughts this morning saying, “If you don’t like someone regardless of who they are you have right right to be rude to Them… I’m so rude.”

Case in point:

Her Twitter rant comes just a little over a week after the troubled star was released from her psychiatric hold at a Pasadena, Calif. hospital. Since her release, she has been spotted wandering the streets of Hollywood and sleeping on couches in the mall.

Her parents decided to surrender their conservatorship over her finances when Bynes refused to get help.